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Our customers are more than happy with the results carried out by us at  Another Level Construction Ltd in Bishop’s Stortford. Take a look at what a happy customer has to say about the service received. 

"Having had many building trades work on my house both extending it and carrying out alterations on it over the years I have never been moved to write to and congratulate them on a job well done. Don’t get me wrong they worked hard and the final project met the standard but the journey to the finished standard was always a little difficult at times. But I find myself compelled to write and bestow the virtues of your company and say it is the best service I have ever had.

From the initial contact with you personally with the thoughts of what we wanted to achieve…. to liaising with your recommended architect Peter, who designed and gained permission from the local authorities for this project I knew this would be a different experience. Before starting you ensured the safety and security of my home undertook the works to the highest standard and where you could you exceeded the standard with extra insulation and quality materials.

The room was designed an awkward shape and I watched with interest as you cut and stuck the bricks to accommodate and comply with the drawings in every detail. The roof again was a difficult design with a high amount of steel required to ensure the vaulted ceiling was a great success. The need to hand cut timbers and customising the roof tiles so it all fit perfectly was gain a delight to see. 

As the interior of the Summer House was to be face brick You understood that each brick laid would be on show and the beautiful way in which it turned out is a credit to your staff.    

You and your team were polite, professional and hard working. The communication from you and your staff was great and everything was delivered ON TIME and ON BUDGET a first for me.

I would happily recommend your services to anyone, to this end I am happy for you to use this recommendation in any way you deem fit. I am happy for you to use any photographs of this fine addition and would have no hesitation in talking to any prospective clients. I would go as far to say that I would be happy for them to come and inspect your workmanship if required.

Thanks once again Matt for all your help, advice and for the wonderful addition to our home."

Keith ~

99 Birchanger Lane,  Birchanger,  Bishop’s Stortford
Herts,  United Kingdom

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